Tommy’s Favorites – Peek Metal Polish

November 15, 2019

It is always nice to share with others about a product that actually does more than you anticipated it would, and leaves you with a great feeling about helping someone save time and money by using the Peek Products.  Robert Peek has brought over from England a wonderful polish that is easy to use and leaves whatever you shine with it protected and shinning for months.  It has so many uses.  Try using this product on Shower Doors, Trim, Fiberglass Tubs and Sinks, Ceramic Tiles and Tubs.  It removes the hard water stains and lime deposits, as well as rust stains and heat discoloration.  The Peek Polish is fantastic for Stainless Steel Stanchions, Winches, Aluminum, Deck Hardware like Brass, Bronze, and Stainless Steel, and it removes salt water corrosion, oxidization, tarnish, rust, and water stains.  You can restore Fishing Equipment, Knives, Camping Equipment, Bicycles, Golf Clubs, and it is even safe on Gun Bluing.  The spray can of Peek Mousse (Foam) works really well on brushed Stainless Steel, like some of the barbeques and kitchen appliances.  I have used the Mousse on my brushed stainless steel barbeque with great success.  It is so easy to spray on and wipe off.  The added plus is that it lasts longer than any other polish I have tried.  Peek Products do wonders on Brass, Gold, Plexiglas and Fiberglass Surfaces as well.  Simply put, there are so many great uses for the Peek Products.  Please stop by San Diego Marine Exchange and ask for a free sample packet.  The products are available in tubes, spray cans, and tubs as pictured above.  For more information please take a moment and visit their website:

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