Blue Guard Innovations – Installation Tips

January 22, 2021



Do’s for Proper Installation

• First disconnect all the power from the bilge system

.• Keep all connections high and dry. Use butt connectors with marine grade sealant to waterproof the connections.

• Follow the wiring diagram provided by selecting your installation configuration.Important Note: Both BGI unit(s) and the pump are required to be connected to the negative (-) side of the battery that is powering the pump and the switch.

• Select the appropriate fuse size for your pump (Max 20 Amps) for the main DC voltage line.

Important Note: If the fuse blows, look for the short in the wiring of the pump. Continuously blowing the fuse can damage the unit and can result in an electrical fire, and/or damage to the instrumentation or the vessel itself.

• Select the appropriate wire gauge for your pump load and distance from the batteries.

• When the installation is complete, turn ON the power to the system. Use the Bluetooth configuration app, BGI Config, to connect to the BGI unit and run the “System Test”.

• Place the BGI Switches above the pump outlet (most bilge pumps are not self-priming and require a certain amount of water to prime).


Don’ts for Proper Installation

• Don’t cut more than 4 inches (10 cm) from the 6 foot (182 cm) of wire supplied.

• Don’t connect the RED wire on the switches to the BROWN wire of the pump.

• Don’t use existing wiring unless the installer is 100% sure that the wiring is not compromised and it is properly sized for the load with proper termination.



• If the BGI Switch is mounted to the bottom of the bilge, at the same level as the pump inlet, the pump will continuously run because the sensor is constantly sensing water and the pump will not prime.

• If the BG-SWA or BG-One’s YELLOW alarm wire is not used, it must be waterproofed and kept dry.




Do’s for Proper Installation

• First disconnect all power from the bilge system.

• For BG-CP and BG-CP-A check the fuse rating on the pump and install the correct fuse into the panel (5A pre-installed, 10A & 20A included).

• Install the panels in a space that is protected from water intrusion.

• Follow the installation instructions and wiring diagram.


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