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Comfort Checklist

San Diego, CA

  • Foul Weather Gear and Boots to fit everyone.
  • Hats and Croakies for everyone, with spares as needed.
  • Sunscreen for lips, nose, and skin.
  • Flip-Flops, Tennis Shoes, Heavy Boots & Reef Walkers.
  • Electric Fan(s) & Wind Scoop to fit to your front hatch!
  • Sun Awning – best if it can be left up while sailing.
  • Solar Water Showers.
  • Good Dodger and Weather Cloths.
  • Cockpit Cushions and Cockpit Lantern.
  • Reliable Self-Steering – Wind Vane or Autopilot, or both.
  • Velcro Hatch Insect Netting and Porthole Screens.
  • D-Con Bombs for roaches, Mosquito (& no-see-um) Coils.
  • Flopper Stopper – ocean-swell roll controller.
  • Charcoal or Propane BBQ to cook outside!
  • Laundry Aids like rub board, large tub, plumber’s helper,
    portable wringer and clothespins, plus Tide for saltwater
  • Saltwater Soap (for dishes, decks, and shampoo) – plus Hair
    Rinse. (Joy dishwashing soap works great in saltwater!)
  • Insulated “Travel” Mugs and Thermos Bottles – 2 or more.
  • Aluminum Foil Plates for rat guards on lines.
  • Non-skid Matting for lockers, drawers, carpet bottoms, etc.
  • Beach Towels and lightweight, fast-drying Sleeping Bags,
    Blankets & Pillows.
  • Cookware, Tableware, Cups, Stemware and Kitchen Timer.
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