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Plumbing & Mechanical Checklist

San Diego, CA

Check with your engine maker or its distributor for a list of recommended spare parts to maintain onboard.
  • Spares Kits – for all Pumps on board including Pressure, Hand and Bilge Bumps with extra impellers as applicable.
  • Spares Kit – for Engine Raw Water Pump, all parts plus extra impellers and complete backup pump.
  • Spares – for Stove, include Burner(s) and/or parts for stove.
  • Spares – for Head, all parts plus extra joker valves and packing.
  • Spare Bulbs for running lights and cabin lights, plus a switch or two. Try replacement LED bulbs in your fixtures!
  • Spares – for Oil Lamps, include Chimneys, Wicks, Mantles and Burners, plus extra Paraffin Oil.
  • Batteries for everything using them.
  • Water-Separating Fuel Filter Funnel.
  • Spares – In-Line Water Filter Cartridges & Heater Elements.
  • Fuel Additive(s) for fungus prevention and water absorption.
  • Spares – Fuel injectors/points, plugs, and distributor rotor.
  • Spare Oil Filter Cartridges and OIL, enough oil for at least two oil changes and any anticipated consumption of motor.
  • Spares – Zincs wherever needed.
  • Spares – Hoses and Fan Belts wherever needed.
  • Distilled Water and Salinity Tester to check quality of any distilled water before using in battery.
  • Hydrometer, Battery Filler, and Baking Soda.
  • Hose Clamps plus Assorted Fasteners – nuts, bolts, etc.
  • Volt-Ohmmeter with test leads and alligator clips.
  • Tool Kit – the biggest and best you can afford and fit onboard & also include if possible, a Vacuum Gauge, Prop Puller, Drill Tapping Set, Battery-Operated Drill, & High-Speed Drill Bits.
  • Gasket Material and Adhesives.
  • Spares – for Outboard, including prop, impellers, ignition parts, plugs, etc.
  • Spares – for Auto Pilot, including belt and parts.
  • Spares – Fuel Pump, Battery Switch, and Ignition Switch.
  • Spare Alternator or Generator and/or Brushes and Bearings.
  • Spare Voltage Regulator.
  • Freon Re-charge Kit (find in auto parts store), plus Refrigerator Vacuum Pump, Gauge and Dryer.
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