fishing lures and pole

Miscellaneous Checklist

San Diego, CA

  • Extra Set of Oars and/or Paddles.
  • Dark Glasses with polarized lenses necessary for spotting coral in South Pacific – and lots of extras too.
  • Jugs for Diesel, Gas and Water as needed – make sure these are well labeled (color-coded) and well secured!
  • Waterproof Document Bag.
  • Backpacks, Heavy Canvas Bags, Sport Bags.
  • Net Bags and Hammocks.
  • Sparker Lighter for stove and Waterproof Matches.
  • Deck Washing Bucket – Rubber or Collapsible Canvas.
  • Funnels to fit everywhere you need.
  • Paper Towels and Toilet Paper.
  • Fishing Gear – Assorted Hooks, Lures, Line & Wire Leader, Shock Cord, Net or Fish Gaff, and Small Bell. Be licensed!!
  • Sharp Knives including 1 large for filleting fish & Filet Board.
  • Machete and Folding Shovel.
  • Boat Hook(s).
  • Shock Cord – in different diameters and lots of it.
  • Tie-Down Line, 1/8” or larger – minimum 250-feet.
  • Heavy-Duty Gloves – minimum 2 pair.
  • Flags – Country Courtesy Flags for each country visited, Quarantine Flag, and one extra “Home Country Flag” (or bag of Nylon in assorted colors to make your own flags).
  • Assorted small gifts for trade, (e.g. dark glasses, printed Tshirts, any clothing from Levi Strauss.) Bring School Supplies for village kids.
  • Folding Shopping Cart.
  • Miner’s Head Lamp, 12V Drop Light and/or Lights in Engine Room – Find good LED versions to work here too!
  • Amp (or Amp Hour) Meter on ship’s main battery bank, plus Amp Meter for Alternator.
  • Hand-Held VHF radio(s).
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