safety checklist

Safety Checklist

San Diego, CA

  • TOP ESSENTIALS: Life Raft sized for entire crew, an EPIRB and a pre-packed “Ditch Bag” to supply life raft in emergency. 
  • Automatic Identification System (A.I.S.) installed – use to track commercial vessels’ course & speed to avoid collisions.
  • Ham Radio with Marine SSB and Pactor E-mail installed, even if there is no licensed ham operator on board. In emergency Hams will talk to anyone, for either medical or vessel assistance. Use to monitor the maritime mobile HAMS for up to-date news & weather even if there is no satellite coverage. Don’t even think of leaving without VHF installed.
  • “Jack-Lines” installed on each side of the length of the boat.
  • Personal Flotation Device (PFD) with Safety Harness for each crew/person on board.
  • Personal Strobes & Whistles on Lanyards for each crew/person on board.
  • Man Overboard Pole with 20-feet of floating line attached to Horseshoe Buoy equipped with Sea Anchor and Man Overboard Strobe. 
  • Radar Reflector/Detector.
  • Boarding Ladder or other means to get back on board. 
  • Masthead Strobe (Not legal except in an emergency).
  • Flashlight for each area of boat (with extra batteries and bulbs) or battery-less light. LED-type works great here too.
  • Powerful Spotlight or light beam gun.
  • Custom First Aid Kit (to meet personal needs, possible illness
    and accidental injury) plus Chlorine Bleach to sanitize water.
  • One Rigid Bucket per person (for bucket brigade).
  • Air Horn and Horn Refill Can.
  • Boom Gallows, Boom Crutch, or “Lazy Jacks” to secure boom(s) when not in use, or if /when a topping lift breaks.
  • Lead Line for sounding.
  • Anchors, Chain & Rode in multiple copies, with extra Shackles, Swivels, Seizing Wire & Chafe Gear, plus Anchor Buoy with line for quick deployment in emergency.

Anchoring Note:
A proficient anchor system is your best
insurance. Have different anchors and anchoring gear on board to
be able to leave one or two behind in a hurry and still have enough
left to securely anchor again. One monster “Storm Hook” is
advisable—but not too big (!) – be able to carry on deck and deploy.

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