gears and rope sailboat rigging

Rigging Checklist

San Diego, CA

Check also with a Rigging Shop for any special concerns.
  • Spares – Blocks, Shackles, Thimbles, Clevis Pins & Cotter Pins/ Rings.
  • Spares – Lines for sheets, halyards and/or Wire Rope.
  • Spares – Piece of Rigging Wire (long as your longest stay).
  • Cable Clamps for every size wire on board.
  • Nicopress Tool and assortment of Nicopress Sleeves.
  • Cable Cutter (capable to cut largest diameter wire on boat).
  • Tape – Rigging Tape, Duct Tape, Chafe Tape.
  • Rigging Knife with Shackler for each crew member.
  • Marlin Spikes and Seizing Wire.
  • Bosun’s Chair & Tackle and/or consider a Jumar Ascending Tool.
  • Spares – Winch Handles.
  • Winch Handle Pockets.
  • Downwind Pole(s).
  • Mast Steps or Ratlines for spotting coral if going to South Pacific (also highly recommend Polarized Dark Sun Glasses).
  • Boom Vang – Preventers.
  • Hand-Powered Sewing Machine.
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