man repairing boat

Maintenance & Damage Control Checklist

San Diego, CA

  • Electrical Wire, Solder, Connectors, Electrical Tape, etc.
  • Silicone Spray Lubricant (eg. Tri-Flow PTFE, Lanocote) plus Engine Starting Fluid, & outboard motor fluids and cleaners.
  • Fin, Mask, Snorkel & Hol-Tite Handle for in-water hull or prop work (also wet suit & weight belt are really useful here).
  • Spares – Zinc Plates, Collars & Pencils for electrolysis control as needed, including use in cooling system.
  • Fiberglass Cloth & Tape, with resin and catalyst, PLUS Caulking Gun with tubes of Silicone Caulking & Adhesives (eg. BoatLife, SikaFlex and/or similar 3M-Products).
  • Rubber “True Plugs” and/or Tapered Plugs (wood bungs) with “Stay Afloat” Bee’s Wax – keep plugs dry but as handy to thru hulls as possible. PLUS Gorilla Tape & Rescue Tape for the quick fixes!
  • Expanded Inflatable Repair Kit, to include glue, hull fabric, valves, chemicals, etc.